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Lyn Stacie Getz

lsg header smallTo understand the mission of the Lyn Stacie Getz Foundation (LSG) is to understand Lyn herself. Born in Bel Air, Maryland, a town in which her family lived since 1895, Lyn attended Harford Day School from kindergarten through the 8th grade, where her passion was the performing arts. She loved to laugh and found pleasure in making others, especially children, laugh along with her. She performed in many plays while in school and earned a degree in dramatic literature from New York University.

After college, Lyn secured an internship at a talent agency in New York, where her job was to recruit and help manage comedians. A career in comedy management for a woman with a beautiful smile who loved to laugh and make others laugh — perfect.

But it wasn’t all funny. In the late 80s and early 90s, AIDS, then a relatively new and very real killer, sickened many of Lyn’s entertainment industry friends. She sat with them for hours in the hospital, caring for them when no one else would. Even in Israel, where she spent her junior year of college, Lyn had taken to heart the plight of children less fortunate than she. She longed to bring laughter, or even just some comfort, to their lives.

Sadly, in 1999, all the laughter stopped. How does one lose a child and keep going? The untimely death of this loved and loving daughter could have devastated this family. Instead, it inspired them in distinct ways to embrace causes Lyn would have embraced: the dramatic arts, children, medical needs, and Israel.