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Charity, it is said, is not about giving; charity is about being.

As this year 2000 comes to an end and as we look forward to a new year, we want you to know of the gifts made this year from the LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND. This fund, as you know, is a new and growing fund and our disbursements this year, made with great thought – always mindful of Lyn’s love of children and great desire to help those less fortunate, have reached across a broad spectrum of places and interests.

1. A gift was made to the Jordan River Camp

This camp, modeled after the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, is located in Israel and is a camp dedicated to the care of Arab and Jewish children suffering from life threatening diseases. This has been a year of great turmoil for the Arabs and Jews who live in Israel and yet, there are people who think and know that, for the most part, both people want peace. The physicians, nurses and lay people who are working actively to make the Jordan River Camp for seriously ill children a reality and a model for peaceful coexistence deserve help.

2. A gift was made to The Open Arms Home

The Open Arms Home is a constituent agency of the Lutheran Ministries. Open Arms is a home for medically fragile infants; Infants who are ill and have been abandoned by their families. Some of the babies have AIDS, some are crack babies, and some have other life threatening illnesses; all of them need love, hugging and holding. At the Open Arms Home, volunteers come to spend an hour or so to give some love, care and warmth to these infants.

3. A gift was made to the “Empty Stocking Fund”

The Empty Stocking fund is a communal fund located in Savannah, Georgia, that gathers money from the community and then uses the moneys collected to buy Christmas presents, food, and clothing for children whose parents cannot afford to do so.

4. A gift was made to the “Cohen Family Trust” c/o the Jerusalem Fund.

This fund was set up to help the Cohen Family of Kfar Darom, Israel deal with the terrible tragedy that occurred to them this past year. Three of the seven children of Noga and Ofir Cohen – Orit age 12, Tehila age 8 1/2 and Yisroel age 7 were on a school bus near their home in Israel when a terrorist blew up the bus.

Two people died on that bus, nine were seriously injured. The three Cohen children survived. But nothing will ever be the same for them. Seven year old Yisroel lost one arm, 12 year old Orit lost a foot and 8 year old Tehila lost both of her legs. There have been many incidences similar to this – we felt that the Cohen Family tragedy had a particular poignancy.

5. A gift was made to Lyn’s School – Harford Day School.

Lyn loved the theater and her interest in that area began and was fostered while she was a student at Harford Day School performing in the annual musical productions. Unfortunately, HDS has not been able to mount productions of musicals because of a lack of funding. Thus, in her memory, a gift was given from her fund in order to enable HDS to re-institute the production of a musical play year after year, so that this love of theater will be part of the education of other Harford County students.

6. A gift was made to Anna’s House.

Located in Bel Air Maryland, and a constituent agency of the Associated Catholic Charities, Anna’s House is a transition home for displaced women and their children. Some of the women living in the home are abused women. This home gives women the chance to re-group and re-adjust and afford the children a warm safe environment and provides a temporary safe haven for women in need.


Lyn’s fund was set up with the stated purpose of helping in the areas of health, wellness, healing and education. We feel that the gifts given from her fund this year meet those criteria. Lyn loved children and she loved helping those less fortunate. We pray that through her fund and the good that will come from the moneys given, her name and her memory will be for a blessing.

We thank you for your generous gift to Lyn’s fund. We wanted to let you know that the moneys that you so generously donated are being used in a very positive way. As Lyn’s fund continues to grow, so too, will the good that comes from your gifts. Charity, it is said, is not about giving; charity is about being.

Alan and Carollee Getz
Randy and Stacey Getz
Joel A. Getz