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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

— Winston Churchill

What a year this has been! We have seen the stock market continue its deep plunge, we have been bombarded with news of impending disaster for the United States on the TV, we have taken notice of a failing world economy, we have lamented the fact that the Middle East is in dire condition, and we have seen countries around the world, that we once considered our friends, abandon us as we try to confront terrorism. And yet, our lives here in the United States go on in our normal way…..we celebrate family happenings, we take our vacations, we enjoy the company of our family and friends and we continue to search out ways to make grants from the Lyn Stacie Getz Endowment Fund that are both meaningful and match the criteria for giving that was set out three years ago.

Once again we looked for charities that were involved with children, we looked for charities that had a health, wellness, healing or education component, and we tried to imagine what Lyn’s reaction to a request from a particular charity would have been. Not an easy task, to be sure, but one that allows us to evaluate with a clear mandate.

The charities that we have picked this year are varied, ranging from east, west, north and south in area, Jewish and Christian in religion, black and white in color, and old and young in age. Several charities, we felt, merited continued support and some are new; our only thought in making these grants was to make sure that Lyn’s ideals of helping people would continue on after her death.


1. A gift was made to the Pediatric Oncology Friends at Johns Hopkins Hospital

This organization was founded some 10 years ago by Fred and Ginny Mitchell to help fund cancer research. The Mitchell’s son, Joel, was treated at Johns Hopkins for cancer. When Joel passed away, the Mitchell’s devoted, and continue to devote, a great deal of their time and effort in nurturing the patients

receiving care at the pediatric oncology unit at the hospital. Both Lyn and Joel Mitchell attended Harford Day School as children and in Joel’s memory a gift was given.

2. A gift was made to the John M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital at Augusta, Georgia

This burn center treats approximately 600 major burn victims in a year. Almost 30% of those treated are children. Lyn had particularly strong feelings for burn victims and each year we look for worthy organizations that care for them.

3. A gift was made once again this year to Ahavas Yisroel

As we mentioned in last year’s report, this is a unique Baltimore, Maryland organization. Dedicated to helping people who are having trouble making ends meet, this organization is entirely volunteer. No one gets paid and there is no overhead: every dollar donated is given out immediately. This organization is there to help: perhaps with the rent money, perhaps with food, perhaps money for health care. No matter the reason, the money is given anonymously.

4. A gift was given to Camp Koby

This camp, in Israel, is a new program for 10 -18 year old children who have lost siblings and/or parents to terror. Created by Sherri and Seth Mandel in memory of their son, Koby, brutally killed in May 2001, it is a place where traumatized youngsters need not feel different and have “permission” to have a fantastic time.

5. A give was made to “The Smile Train”

Millions of children in developing countries are suffering with cleft lips and palates. Condemned to a lifetime of malnutrition, shame and isolation, the mission of “the Smile Train” is to empower local surgeons in developing countries to provide this life changing cleft surgery for free. The Smile Train will deliver free cleft surgery to more than 35,000 children this year, all over the world. From Asia to Africa, from South America to Russia, The Smile Train helps children who have no place else to turn.

6. A gift was made to the Savannah Health Mission

This organization, located in Savannah, Georgia, is an independent non profit organization whose mission is to provide free primary health care for the working poor and others without health insurance who are unable to afford private medical care. Staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses and concerned lay people, no fees are ever charged. Their goal is to treat all clients with dignity and respect and to provide medical assessment, treatment and education as needed.

7. A gift was made to Moveable Feast

Located in Baltimore City, Movable Feast, provides nearly 600 people a week with the food and nutrition that they need to survive as they battle against the effects of HIV/AIDS. As the people at Moveable Feast say…”each of these people is a real person to us, a face that we see every day, and a hand that we shake when we deliver meals.”

8. A gift was made to CASA

CASA is located in Harford County, Maryland and is the Court Appointed Special AdvocateProgramofHarfordCounty. Itisanorganizationofvolunteers committed to serving abused and neglected children. CASA advocates the best interest in the judicial, educational, medical and social services communities. These wonderful volunteers help the children in any way they can: they help them with sports registration, clothes, school supplies, emergency items, holiday and birthday gifts and having dinners out every once in a while. Fantastic people who deserve our help.

9. A gift was made to the Pine Grove Presbyterian Church for the benefit of the Ebersole Family

The Ebersole Family, a seven member Amish Family from Airville, Pennsylvania, was riding across the Norman Wood Bridge over the Susquehanna River, when their buggy was hit by a truck, killing Ben Ebersole, the father, and his two sons and seriously injuring the mother and the three other children. Facing more than $1 million in hospital expenses with no medical insurance, without a doubt this family needs help.

10. A gift was made to Open Arms

Open Arms continues to be a favorite of ours. A constituent agency of the Lutheran ministries and located in Savannah, Georgia, Open Arms is a home for medically fragile babies. Some of the babies have AIDS, some are crack babies and some have life threatening illnesses: all of them need love, hugging and holding. We salute the volunteers that make this organization so unique.

11. A gift was made to the Silver Lining Foundation

Founded by Andrea Jaegar, the former professional tennis player, and located in Aspen, Colorado, The Silver Lining Foundation is a safe, secure, residential community for children with cancer. The famous saying “there is a silver lining behind every cloud” takes on great significance at the Silver Lining Foundation…..children who have had a traumatic experience fighting cancer have found ways to cope and survive there. Unfortunately, for many, it is their last vacation.


It is hard to believe that Lyn’s endowment fund is three years old. We, as trustees of this Fund, strive to seek out charities that not only need help, but those organizations or causes that do their work with minimal administration costs. We are also ever mindful of the need to continue to raise funds so that the base of the fund continues to grow and more and more grants can be made.

For your generous help in the past, we thank you. We ask you to keep this Foundation in your mind as you make your charitable contributions in the coming year. Lyn Stacie Getz passed away on November 15, 1999: she is no more – but, if her song is to continue, then we must do the singing.

Winston Churchill once said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

May the year 2003 bring good health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Alan and Carollee Getz
Randy and Stacey Getz
Joel A. Getz