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If you know of a charity with little or no administrative costs, that aids in the areas of health, wellness, healing and education with special emphasis on children, that you think deserves help, please let us know.

Some say that time passes very slowly; others say that time passes too quickly… the reality is that no matter how one feels about the speed of the passage of time – it happens and cannot be stopped. For us, the family of Lyn Getz, hard as it is to realize, this is the fifth anniversary of Lyn’s passing and the fifth year of the LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND.

With great thanks to you, the fund continues to grow, and, again thanks to you, the charities that benefit from your gifts are increasing as well. This year grants are being given to nine worthy programs that we feel Lyn would champion.

While some of the charities are repeats from past years, this year we have made a special effort to seek out new and deserving groups. Some of you have sent us literature and information about charities that you thought deserving and we appreciate that. In fact, if you know of a charity with little or no administrative costs, that aids in the areas of health, wellness, healing and education with special emphasis on children, that you think deserves help, please let us know.

In response to many inquiries for a web site, we owe a special thanks to Andrew Nelson, a good friend of Lyn’s brother, Joel, who voluntarily set up If you have a computer, please visit the site.

The charities this year are:

1. Meir Panim 

Poverty in Israel has become a real problem and children are going hungry. Every single day, Meir Panim shines hope into people’s lives by feeding over 7,000 children. Meir Panim provides, on a daily basis, not only delicious meals, but a warm and nurturing environment where children get a big hug, a pat on the back, and lots of encouragement.

2. Ner Israel Rabbinical College 

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Ner Israel, serves as a learning and training center for over 800 students from all over the United States and the world. It has come to our attention that two students in the high school department, brothers, have no resources at all. There is no money for tuition, no money for clothing, no money for any personal needs. Yet, the desire to have a religious education is primary for these two students. We have provided a grant that will enable these brothers to purchase new shoes, pants, shirts, and other clothing for the coming school year.

3. Savannah Health Mission 

Established in 1996, as a free healthcare clinic in Savannah, Georgia, this organization provides free healthcare for those without health insurance. Working on a very tight budget and staffed by volunteer physicians and nurses, Savannah Health Mission fills a very important gap in our healthcare system. Their goal is to treat all clients with dignity and respect and to provide free medical assessment, treatment and education as needed.

4. Food on Foot

Located in California, Food on Foot, is an organization dedicated to providing the poor and homeless with nutritional meals, clothing and assistance in the transition to employment and life off the streets. They help people of all ages, toddlers to seniors, as well as the disabled and the blind. We especially like the fact that 100% of donations go directly to the recipients.

5. Red Devils

The Red Devils fund services to improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families in the Baltimore, Maryland area. The emotional and physical impact of this disease may make some of the things we take for granted difficult. They help with house cleaning, getting to doctor appointments, preparing food, companionship, and fun outings. The name The Red Devils comes from “red devil,” a common name for Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug known to many breast cancer patients for its brilliant red color.

6. Shoes That Fit

This charity operates in 23 states across the United States and provides shoes and clothing for over 200,000 children. Originally started by a woman who thought that children whose parents could not afford them, ought to have shoes that fit, this organization has filled a great need and has grown in scope and area. Poverty knows no bounds and looking good and wearing nice clothes can make a difference in children’s lives.

7. Moveable Feast

In the process of preparing, packaging and delivering food for those living with HIV/AIDS, the drivers of Moveable Feast, located in Baltimore, are the most critical link between good food and full stomachs, acting as the backbone of the entire organization. It is these drivers who stare into the eyes of the clients every day and make a personal commitment to be there tomorrow with plenty of food, a good word or two and a handshake before they leave.

8. Table to Table

Putting into practice the idea of “waste not – want not” Table to Table is currently picking up excess food from over 70 caterers and event halls, dozens of corporate cafeterias and a growing number of farms in Israel. The economy in Israel is so bad that the need to feed the poor has taken on emergency proportions. Table to Table, through these collections, over the past year, has been able to provide over 100,000 meals to 38 non-profit organizations serving the hungry and needy.

9. The Silver Lining Foundation 

One of the few repeats from past years, The Silver Lining foundation is one of our favorites because of the incredible work they do to make the lives of children with cancer better. As one of the parents said, “they gave our son one of the best times in his life at one of the worst times in his life.” It is truly amazing what one woman, Andrea Jaeger, with a vision and a mission to helping children with cancer, could do. Spending a week or two at the Silver Lining Ranch – having fun, being with other children like themselves – is a miracle for these children. They deserve our help.


As in the past, we think we have found people that deserve to be helped. It speaks of the times we are living in that many of the chosen charities have to do with feeding the hungry. We have reached across the United States and the world to locate charities that not only do remarkable things to help people, but, as with Lyn’s Fund, do so with little or no cost for administration. We think that is very important. Our aim is to see that the funds that are given go directly to the people needing help. We think we have achieved that aim.

Rabbi Harold Kushner writes in his book When Bad Things Happen to Good People: “Life is not fair….the wrong people get sick and the wrong people get robbed and the wrong people get killed in wars and accidents.” Unfortunately, far too often, the wrong people that Rabbi Kushner speaks about, are people that all of us know and care about. As Pogo says, “them is us”…and while we cannot cure the world, we can certainly try to do our part.

We thank you for your contributions over these past five years to Lyn’s Fund. Our work continues as we seek out more worthy causes that meet the criteria of this fund. We are asking for your help in helping us to identify these charities.

Herbert Hoover, president of the United States from 1928-32, said in 1920: “words without action are the assassins of idealism.” We, Lyn’s family, are determined that good will come from the tragedy of the past. We thank you for your part in this endeavor.

May the year 2005 be one of good health, happiness and peace for the recipients of the LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND and for you and all those you hold dear.

After the worst has happened with nothing left to fear,
the sun continues shining with undiminished cheer.

And the wind continues blowing and the skies continue fair…
as hearts continue bearing
the things they cannot bear.