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As told in the Bible:

A young man was walking when he saw an older man planting a tree. He asked the man why he was planting that tree since it would take 70 years until fruits appeared and the old man would not be alive to eat and enjoy them. The old man answered: I found the world full of fruit….like my forefathers planted for me, so will I plant for my children.

As the LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND begins its forth year, we look forward to continuing our planting as we search out new and deserving charities that will help us further our aim of improving the lives of those that are truly in need and deserving of assistance. The fund, as stated in its goals, is dedicated to helping in the areas of health, wellness, healing and education with primary emphasis on children. This fund gives without regard to race, color or religion……the only caveat that we look for is one of need and, just as the LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND operates without any administrative costs, so too, do we look for causes to give to that have low or non existent administration costs. We strive to build the Fund base so that the fruits it will bear will provide, not only for our children, but for generations of children


1. Moveable Feast

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Moveable Feast provides nearly 600 people a week with the food and nutrition that they need to survive as they battle against the effects of HIV/AIDS. As the people at moveable Feast say…..”each of these people is a real person to us, a face that we see every day, and a hand that we shake when we deliver meals.”

2. The Silver Lining Foundation

Andrea Jaegar, at her prime, turned her back on professional tennis so that she could work with and improve the quality of life of cancer stricken children. She founded and initially funded The Silver Lining Foundation, in Aspen, Colorado to provide a safe, secure, camp like residential vacation community for children suffering from cancer. There, the children, many terminally ill, can play and be with children like themselves; having no hair and having no strength is normal. Andrea helps each child to learn that one must make the best of a situation. As one of the parents said….”this place is a blessing.”

3. Camp Face 

Run by a nurse, Jan Simpson, and located in Cecil County, Maryland, Camp Face is a camp for children ages 9-18 with congenital facial differences. Many of the children have gone through multiple surgeries, have severe facial deformities, and have been through life situations that are very unpleasant. At Camp Face they learn that they are not alone and that there are other children with their same problems. As Ms Simpson says, “as a society we are a facially perfect group….when you look at what these kids go through on top of the surgeries….this is a place where they can chill out and just let go.”

4. Ahavas Yisrael 

One of our favorites, Ahavas Yisrael, located in Baltimore, Maryland, provides assistance, especially food to local people and families in need in a dignified, discreet, and totally anonymous manner. Outside of postage, this charity has no expenses. All of the work is done by volunteers. They have no office and pay no salaries. In our opinion a wonderful role model for other charities.

5. The Smile Train

As the Smile Train people say….”a simple smile…most of us take it for granted but to children with cleft lips and pallets, it means the world.” The Smile Train arranges for cleft surgery to be performed by local surgeons in developing countries around the world. Thanks to the board of directors of the Smile Train, every dollar raised goes directly to the expenses of the surgeries…there are no administrative costs because the board, as individuals, absorb all costs.

6. The Open Arms House 

The Open Arms Home, located in Savannah Georgia, is a constituent agency of the Lutheran Ministries. Open Arms is a home for medically fragile infants: infants who are ill and have been abandoned by their families. Some of the babies have AIDS, some are crack babies, and some have life threatening illnesses; all of them need love, hugging and holding. At the Open Arms Home, many wonderful volunteers come to spend hours giving love, care and warmth to these infants.

7. Books, Bears, & Bonnet 

After Merrily Ansel’s sister passed away from cancer, she wanted to do something to keep her sister’s memory alive. Merrily decided that a box filled with a soft cuddly teddy bear to hold and snuggle, an attractive cap to cover hair loss, an age appropriate book to break the boredom, and a personal note of hope would be a lovely thing to do for young cancer patients. The program has been a tremendous success and as of this year over 17 hospitals in the Baltimore-Washington areas are participating.

8. Southern Cooking and More

Founded by the Late Sister Margaret McCaffrey in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Christian Service Program provides a variety of services for local families in financial and emotional distress. Since Sister Margaret’s death a few years ago, Brother Giovanni Reid has taken over the day-to-day operations of providing essential items for people living on the edge. Together with fine medical care, the project offers, food, clothing household supplies, and whatever else is needed to insure a decent life.

9. Yad Sarah 

Located in Jerusalem, Israel, with almost 100 branches and 6000 volunteers, Yad Sarah lends medical equipment, crutches and wheelchairs, runs low cost dental clinics and operates centers for disabled children of every race, religion and origin.

10. Martha’s Table 

Located in downtown Washington, D.C., Martha’s Table fills many needs……it is a soup kitchen, a laundromat, and a clothes closet for those in need….beyond that it provides supervised learning and literary activities for children in a safe environment 365 days a year. As one of the volunteers said…”Every day I see a child’s life changing in front of my eyes….it is rough and risky out on the streets..that’s why we have to do whatever it takes to give these children a chance’”

11. Locks of Love 

Everyone of us knows how important hair is to a child…..they comb it, they wash it, they curl it……having hair makes them feel good. Locks of Love, located in Fort Worth, Florida is an organization that provides hair pieces for financially disadvantaged children under the age of 18 with medical hair loss. Children, especially girls, having lost their hair to autoimmune conditions or because of severe burns feel as though Locks of Love has saved their lives……they have their hair back and that makes them feel normal.


You should be proud. Your donations this year, through the LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND, to charities both new and old, are amazing. From North to South, from East to West, without regard to color or religion, we have reached across countries looking for people to help and we think we have achieved our goal. But, there is always more to do. At the close of every year, we pray for a better year next year…..and better means a year in which we can donate more money and help more people and with your continuing help we can do it.

Someone once said, “I believe you live as long as someone remembers your name”. The Bible also tells us that each of us has three names….the name we are given at birth, the name we are called, and the most important, the name we make for ourselves.

As the family of Lyn S. Getz, we are determined that Lyn’s name be remembered through the good that comes from the donations made by the Fund that bears her name. We cherish her memory and pray that it lives on.

Life may not be the party that those we assist hope for, but while we are here, the least we can do is help them dance…….. may the coming year bring good health and pleasant happenings to you and your families.

Alan and Carollee Getz
Randy and Stacey Getz
Joel Getz