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“Life turns out best for those who make the best of the way life turns out.”

— Art Linkletter

When people ask us why we send out a report every year, we tell them that we believe that when people are kind enough to use a fund such as THE LYN STACIE GETZ ENDOWMENT FUND as a means of channeling their charitable dollars, they should be informed as to how and where those dollars are spent.

You were kind enough to choose Lyn’s Fund for your donations and you deserve to know how these monies – your money – was dispersed. Many of you have suggested charities that you thought worthwhile and we appreciate that information very much, although, in some cases we could not consider those suggestions because they did not meet the criteria of little or no administrative costs.

As we have stated over the years, the aim of this Fund is to give to charities or causes that go directly to the recipients…charities that do not have high administration costs. This year we have done very well in that regard. In most cases, 100% of the monies given went directly to the recipients and we are very proud of that fact.

So you, as well as we, can take pride and comfort in the good that our giving will accomplish this year. The gifts this year are, again, far-reaching and varied…we have tried to discover new and worthy causes and we think we have succeeded. There is one change though…this year we have limited our gifts to four charities: one in Baltimore, Maryland, two in Savannah, Georgia, and one in Israel. As you will see, the gifts this year are particularly significant and worthwhile. We hope you will agree.

“Our lives are full of blessings and curses,” Rabbi Ner David said. “But while I do see them as all coming from God, I don’t see the blessings as rewards or the curses as punishments. Instead, I see the mass challenges. With each,God is saying to me: what will you make of your life now?”

The charities for 2006 are:

1. Sinai Hospital’s Children’s Pediatric Oncology Unit

We are excited about this gift. Our friend, Toby Hollenberg, told us about a fund that she had established at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia in memory of her beloved husband Steve. Hearing about her fund and the good that it was doing for adult cancer patients, gave us the idea that perhaps the LSG Fund could do something similar for children with cancer. After much investigation it was decided to make a gift to Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Unit for the specific use of transportation (cab vouchers or gas cards) to and from radiation and chemotherapy treatments specifically and only for children whose parents do not have the money for gasoline or cabs and thus were forced to use public transportation to get to the hospital. Hearing the stories of the social workers and the nurses taking care of these children of how sick these children are and how much this would mean to them, made us realize how important this grant was. The icing on the cake is that we felt so strongly about this cause that we applied to the Weinberg Foundation for a matching grant for the children and they were so impressed that they matched our donation! The beauty of it is that all – 100% – of this grant goes directly to the children and we managed to double it. The thought of these critically ill children, suffering from nausea and severe discomfort, having to stand out in the heat, cold or rain waiting for a bus, ofttimes having to transfer to a second bus and then having to ride for an hour or two, to and from their chemotherapy treatments was a vision that we could not tolerate. We felt that this gift needed to be significant enough to really make a difference for these children. The social worker at Sinai said that the children this grant is helping are black and white, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish – an across the board selection – because, as we all know, cancer is an equal opportunity illness.

2. L.O.V.E.

A gift was made to the LOVE Mentoring program. LOVE, made up of volunteers in Savannah, Georgia, does outstanding work. A volunteer program sponsored by the five churches on Skidaway Island whose mission is to improve the education, life skills and aspirations of the at risk children of Savannah, LOVE is an inspiration for us all. Volunteers in LOVE’S after school programs tutor students in the six core subjects, provide general homework assistance and teach life skills. Using local community centers and working in a one-on-one tutor-student ratio, the volunteers help the children with their reading, math, science, language arts, social studies and health studies. Knowing that success in school is crucial for these students, the LOVE volunteers make a commitment that is remarkable. We salute them and the work that they do.

3. Family Services

Each year we try to find a particularly needy family to assist. This year, it came to our attention that there was a single destitute mother with two children ages two and eight, that had no resources whatsoever to celebrate the holiday season. These children, we felt, should know the joy of the season and be able to have some toys and clothing for the holiday. These children had fallen through the cracks and without the assistance of the LSG Fund would have no holiday at all. A gift was given to the Family Services located in Savannah, Georgia so that these two young children could know some joy at a time in their lives when nothing is right.

4. Ofek Liyladenu

This organization, located in Israel, is dedicated to helping blind children become more self sufficient in their studies and in their life skills. This organization, made up of 25 volunteers located throughout the state of Israel, main thrust is to provide special devices and computer software for more than 1000 blind children- Christian, Jewish and Muslim – and to advocate for their medical and technological needs. The need for tutors and software geared specifically for their particular educational needs is paramount and we felt, a worthwhile opportunity to help.


Art Linkletter once said, “Life turns out best for those who make the best of the way life turns out.” We think that sums up very well the aims of the LSG Endowment Fund.

The gifts to Sinai Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Unit and Ofek Liyladenu address the medical needs of a select group of ill children, while the gifts to Family Services and LOVE address the emotional and educational needs of a different group of children. Together they make for a whole…and while we are not able to cure the world, we can live by the words:

When the world says, “Give up,”hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

The gift to the cancer children was far greater in amount than any other gift ever given over the six years of the LSG Endowment Fund and we were fortunate to be able to leverage that gift with a matching grant. We are pleased with that gift and the others given this year. We hope that you agree and approve.

How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it is afternoon.
December is here before it is June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?

– Dr. Suess

Once again,we thank you for your participation and for remembering Lyn’s Fund. On behalf of our family and all those that have been helped, we bless you for your continued support and look forward to hearing about the good that our combined efforts will do over the coming year. May the year 2006 bring good health and good fortune to you and all those you hold dear.

Alan and Carollee Getz
Randy and Stacey Getz
Joel A. Getz