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“Everyone of us, ordinary or grand, is defined by our own movements in time – by the choices we make, the obstacles we surmount, the dreams we achieve, the people we love, and maybe, most of all, by the goals we don’t quite reach. Whether in victory or defeat how we choose to handle those moments is what marks the best of us, long after we are gone. It is, in the end, how we are remembered.”

 — David Colton

Year after year, these past fourteen years, we have tried to let you know something about each and every recipient charity of The Lyn Stacie Getz Foundation.

Many of the grants this year have been made to charities we have helped in the past. Although we will still list all of the grants made this year and the organizations they service, we would like to give special mention to one – The Children’s Cancer Unit at Memorial Hospital. Helping children with cancer and other serious illnesses is a priority for the LSG Foundation, and we have worked with the Memorial Hospital Children’s Cancer Center to help to improve the lives of the children being treated there. As you can see in the accompanying photographs and letters, this support has brought great joy to the children.


Here are some excerpts from letters we received from the staff at Memorial Hospital:

Father holding cancer-stricken child.”… We were able to provide our oncology patients and their families with tickets to Disney on Ice. We had 100 people attend the show which made it our biggest event yet! The kids had such an incredible time seeing their favorite characters from Cars, Tinkerbell, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story come to life on ice at the Savannah Civic Center. The kids were waving to the characters and dancing to the music. Most of our families are under extreme financial hardships which would make events like this impossible for their children to experience.”Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.24.57 PM

“…We were able to take a group of our oncology patients and their families on an amazing trip to Oatland Island Wildlife Center. Most of the children had never seen animals before and were amazed at their size. I think that the quote of the day was, ‘my plastic animals at home are much smaller than these animals.’ “

“… ‘Mom, can we fit him in the back of the van… I want to take him home to our house.” (Speaking about the giant opossum.)

These photographs and letter excerpts were authorized and approved for us to use
by both the hospital and the recipient families

As always we thank you for your participation. This year we have made grants to 16 organizations including Memorial Hospital; each of them dealing with children and each of them very worthwhile.

The grants for the 2013 year are:

1. Children’s Cancer Unit Memorial Hospital 

We are continuing our commitment to the children’s cancer unit at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia and the very successful program they have developed that provides the children and their families with fun excursions, play days, bowling parties and other social gatherings. Additionally, this grant allows the hospital to continue its “Beads of Courage” program that honors the challenging journey that each and every child receiving treatment must face and go through.

2.  Back Pack Buddies

We tweaked the grant this year to the Back Pack Buddies program at Agudath Achim Synagogue in Savannah, Georgia. This program funds weekend meals for school children who otherwise would do without. We made the grant contingent on others matching our support dollar for dollar. The goal was reached–and exceeded. Thus our matching grant not only leveraged the monies available to support Back Pack Buddies programing, it also engaged the AA Congregation membership by allowing and encouraging them to contribute to helping children who need help.

3. Camp Milldale Inclusion Programs 

This grant allows children with mild to severe developmental and physical disabilities to attend summer camp in Maryland.

4. Local Outreach Volunteer Educators (L.O.V.E.)

L.O.V.E helps disadvantaged students on a one-to-one basis in math and reading at area elementary schools and also sends to children to summer camps.

5. JCC Kids Center Inclusion 

An inclusion program for children with developmental and/or physical disabilities, this grant will allow the special needs children to be integrated, with the help of an inclusion counselor, into his or her appropriate age group at a summer camp in Baltimore, Maryland.

6. Park Place Outreach 

Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter is a residential facility serving runaway, homeless, abandoned and neglected youth. Our grant was designated to help in the buying of nutritional food for these children.

7. KLAL (Keep Living And Learning) 

A program for older teens and young adults with disabilities, KLAL provides 16-24 year old “campers” with age-appropriate camp activities such as swimming, art, nature, music and games. It also gives them practice with essential social and life skills.

8. Sinai Hospital Children’s Cancer Unit 

As we have pointed out in the past, we feel that it is unconscionable to have very sick children stand out in freezing or oppressively hot temperatures waiting for public transportation. We therefore are continuing the program of furnishing cab vouchers and/or free gas cards so that parents, friends or other relatives can afford to furnish door-to-door transportation for chemotherapy and other treatments.

9. Flashes of Hope 

An organization dedicated to taking lasting memory photographs of children facing cancer and other life threatening illnesses in the United States

10. JCS Bereavement Support Groups 

Bereavement services and support for children and teens who have experienced the loss of a parent, sibling, grandparent, or friend.

11. JCC Therapeutic Support Services

Helping to provide support services to children with special needs over the summer months while the children are in a camp setting.

12. Associated Catholic Charities Early Head Start Program 

Serving children from low income families in the areas of child development activities, services for children with disabilities, parent education, family literacy, and health and wellness programming in Harford County, Maryland.

13. JCC Family Programs for Children with Disabilities 

Provides programing for children with disabilities and their families and a chance to be together with other families with the same or similar circumstances in the greater Baltimore community.

14. Shemesh

Provides for evaluation of children in pre-school and kindergarten who are at risk for challenges in learning to read. It, also, then provides direct services to these children.

15. PACT Literacy Enrichment

Serving between 550-600 Ethiopian-Israeli children to ensure that they develop the early childhood skills critical for school success in Ashkelon, Israel.

16. Maryland Therapeutic Riding 

MTR – Horses Healing Humans- currently serves 150 children and disabled veterans annually. Hippo-therapy sessions help recipients develop muscle tone, balance, and confidence. Seventy percent are children who have a variety of disabilities ranging from autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, cancer, multiple sclerosis, as well as other developmental delays and illnesses in Crownsville, Maryland.


You have chosen to help support the LSG Foundation and we thank you for your kindness and generosity. The journalist, David Colton, said “Everyone of us, ordinary or grand, is defined by our own movements in time – by the choices we make, the obstacles we surmount, the dreams we achieve, the people we love, and maybe, most of all, by the goals we don’t quite reach. Whether in victory or defeat how we choose to handle those moments is what marks the best of us, long after we are gone. It is, in the end, how we are remembered.”


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