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We are motivated by the HOPE that lives in the hearts of these children … it is the spirit of the children themselves that makes the greatest contribution to their well being.



We approach the year 2017 the same way we look back over 2016: blessed with the opportunity to help others. Now in it’s 17th year, The Lyn Stacie Getz Foundation continues the mission of “helping children who need a helping hand.”

We marvel at the FAITH of the parents who pray every day that their children will enjoy better health, do better in school, or better manage their lives.

We recognize the TRUST that the families have placed in us — and in other individuals and organizations — to aid in their children’s support and recovery.

Finally, we are motivated by the HOPE that lives in the hearts of these children. Our donations may help provide a pathway for healing, recovery, growth, and learning, but it is the spirit of the children themselves that makes the greatest contribution to their well being.

Thank you for your generous participation this year. We chose some programs to which we have donated in the past, as well as some new organizations. All are worthy of our help and together we have made a difference.

May the gift that you have made for the benefit of these children be for a blessing — for you and for all those you hold dear.

Alan, Carollee, Randy, Stacey, Joel, Sophie, Eli, Hannah, and Noah
The Getz Family

Michael Friedman, Jonny Lewis and Jim Glick

The Lyn Stacie Getz Foundation Grants for 2016 are:

Chai Lifeline

This organization in the Mid-Atlantic area — already devoted to bringing hope, strength and joy to children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses — has initiated a new program called “Lazy Sundays,” which provides tailored activities for pediatric patients and their siblings. By keeping the patients and their siblings busy, this program offers a much-needed respite to parents.

Chana: New Therapy Groups for Girls

For adolescent girls and young women in Baltimore who have suffered trauma. Two therapy workshops — one a traditional facilitator-lead group and one focused on ‘the healing arts’ — have been created.

Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center 

Thanks to support from the LSG Foundation, the Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah has provided community outings and events for pediatric oncology patients and their families since 2007. This year we donated to support group programs, presentations, and various activities. 

Community Food Fund for the Needy

Dedicated to fighting hunger in the Northwest area of Baltimore City, this program provides three weeks of groceries for a single parent and two children. Sophie and Eli Getz recommended this grant.

Flashes of Hope

Looking at photos of our children always makes us smile; taking and looking at photos of children with cancer is even more of a blessing.  Flashes of Hope arranges for photo shoots at Maryland hospitals and camps that have units for children with cancer. Professional photographers — who volunteer their time — take the photos. Each family receives, at no cost to them, a beautifully mounted 8×12 portrait as well as numerous 4×6 printed photos.

Holiday Gifts for Children

The JCS Toy Closet of Baltimore helps parents facing financial hardship provide holiday and birthday gifts for their children. Hannah and Noah Getz recommended this grant.

JCS Bullying Prevention Programs

Interactive programing for children in classrooms from pre-school thru 3rd grade in the Baltimore area to promote a culture of inclusion and teach the children skills that can stop or prevent bullying.

Life Bridge Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland

This program helps cancer-stricken children get to medical appointments, purchase wigs, and address other needs.

Local Outreach Volunteer Educators (L.O.V.E.)

L.O.V.E helps disadvantaged students in Savannah, Georgia on a one-to-one basis in math and reading at elementary schools, and also sends children to summer camps.

Park Place Outreach 

Park Place Outreach is a youth emergency shelter for neglected youth (ages 11 thru 17) in Savannah, Georgia. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and offers temporary shelter and related services to runaway, homeless, and abandoned children. This program serves approximately 125-150 children each year. Additionally, 2,600 children are reached through outreach services designed to prevent incidents of running away and homelessness.

Promise Heights Partnership

This program partners the Pearlstone Center with an elementary school in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Upton/Druid Heights. Through this partnership, 5th graders learn about food, nutrition, and nature while experiencing a respite from the challenges of their daily urban life. The major goal is for these experiences to connect the students to healthy eating and basic science concepts.

Shemesh Reading Specialist Services for Young Students

Helping children who have difficulty learning how to read is a blessing. What could be better? This program works with pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school students, specifically identifying at-risk readers in the Pikesville area of Baltimore.

Special Needs Year-Round Programing

This organization at the JCC of Greater Baltimore provides appropriate social and recreational programs for children with disabilities, including neurological impairment, speech and language delays, learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders.

With your help, Lyn’s Foundation contributed $68,000 to these deserving programs this year, all for the benefit of the children.