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Like each one of you, who have also experienced loss, we are thankful for the memories we have and the love we shared.



The theme of this year’s letter is one of THANKS.

We are thankful for the blessings of family and friends such as yourselves. We are thankful for the good health we have had—and hope to hold onto. And we are thankful you have helped us do good for others.

Lyn passed away shortly before Thanksgiving almost 19 years ago. For all the years previously, Thanksgiving had been our favorite family holiday. That changed for a time.

But like each one of you, who have also experienced loss, we are thankful for the memories we have and the love we shared. And we look forward to creating new memories of future happy events.

This past year, as in all previous years, we have so much appreciation for the kindness of friends who continue to choose to contribute to Lyn’s Foundation. It simply amazes us. There are so many needy and worthy organizations out there—and you still remember us, and Lyn, and this foundation. Please know that we take your generosity very seriously. The Foundation only funds programs and services with low overhead. We do our best to make sure the dollars go directly to the recipients.

We will continue to be diligent in that regard.

As you know, our focus is on children and programs that address the health and well being of children. This year we provided over $60,000 to the following worthy endeavors:

1) inclusion programming for special needs children to participate fully in summer camp (not only benefitting the special needs youngsters, it also is a gift to the healthy kids they share the experience with)
2) partnership with Baltimore Hunger Project, providing well over 1000 weekend meals to economically disadvantaged students
3) creation of two teen-focused videos focusing on healthy relationships and dating through a women’s support network
4) reading services for children with learning disabilities
5) Lazy Sunday programming through Chai Lifeline, wherein every Sunday morning volunteers pick up children from their homes who are facing serious pediatric illnesses and their siblings, for a morning of fun and breakfast, also giving parents much needed respite
6) Flashes of Hope— professional photographers volunteer to create meaningful photo portraits for families with kids suffering from cancer
7) LOVE Savannah— funding for 30 children who would otherwise be unable to attend summer camp
8) Lyn’s Fund at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore City—furnishing gas and cab fares to provide transportation for oncology visits, alleviating a tremendous burden on needy families
9) Park Place Outreach (a youth emergency shelter in Savannah)—funding for over 1800 meals for hungry teenagers
10) Save a Child’s Heart— helping to provide life saving heart surgeries for children in developing countries
11) funds to purchase new clothes for abused children, as well as holiday toys and other necessities

We couldn’t have done it without your help and support! We hope to continue on our path for many years to come—hopefully, with you at our side.

So Danke Shoen, Todah Rabbah, Speceba, Muchos Gracias. Merci Beaucoup.

If you remember the old Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler commercials (circa 1985)—we quote Bartles (or was it Jaymes) in saying:

(And if you are too young for that, we thank you just the same.)

Alan, Carollee, Randy, Stacey, Joel, Sophie, Eli, Hannah, and Noah